Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Modern Listener's Guide

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Evening Tweed is a graphic design collective formed in late 2006 by four 2008 graduates of the University of Brighton. I've been following their work via their website for several months now and they've all done some very fascinating stuff. About a month ago I came upon this piece done by Jez Burrows and I'm still amazed by it. In her words...

"Asked to respond to the word banausic, I chose to take the most grandiose, wilfully complex thing I knew and express it as mechanically and cold as I could manage. 'Destroyer's Rubies' by Destroyer was that thing. I transcribed the entire album and produced an exhaustive collection of diagrams and analysis, including: every word contained in the album in order of how many times it appears; references; grammatical structure; and the overall distribution of lyrics and 'la's."

I missed out on the very small run of A1 screenprints she originally did and I'm still kicking myself. In any case, check out a few more photos of the print here, and be amazed by her admirably exhaustive design.

P.S. I apologize if Jez is actually a he, which I'm just now realizing is entirely possible.

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Jez said...

Yep, definitely a guy. At least the last time I checked.. no apology necessary though! Thanks for the really kind words.

And if you're still interested, I've made a second run of the Rubies print in a much larger edition, which you can see here: